Do wedding planners have a green wedding option now?



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    Without a doubt, yes. Everything is linked to the environment. Where weddings are concerned, the material that the bride’s dress and tablecloths, both generally made of cotton, is a good example. Cotton is typically one of the most herbicide and pesticide intensive materials. Getting cotton from companies that utilize non toxic herbicides and pesticides is a great start.

    Further, the materials used for glasses and other dishes are considerations, as are the decorations (are they plastic? Are they organically grown flowers?). Even the photographer that is used can be a green consideration. For instance, those who utilize non-digital cameras must rely upon “stop,” “fix,” and other caustic chemicals to develop their film, whereas digital cameras tend to be much greener.

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    There are actually companies out there that can cater to the needs of environmentally conscious couples who are planning their weddings. Great Green Weddings offers unique wedding planning services such as eco-friendly transportation services, hair and make-up artists utilizing all natural products, eco-friendly butterfly release ceremonies, and organic wedding cakes set up on the beach.” They also offer you the choice of integrating all Green Wedding services, or of customizing your selection of specialty eco-friendly venues and services into your wedding ceremony and reception plans. From organic green wedding flowers and catering, to referrals to assist you in conscientious choices for buying Fair Trade diamonds and vintage weddings gowns, the wedding planners at Great Green Weddings offer choices that will appeal to all modern day couples making earth conscious choices in their buying trends.

    Listed below are other links to companies that can help couples plan their dream green weddings.

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