Do we waste a lot of fish because we fish too much?



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    Not just fish, but ocean life in general. 80% of life on Earth exists in the ocean, and to upset some of the delicate balances within the underwater ecosystems by overfishing can have devastating consequences. By fishing too much and too often, not enough mature member of an aquatic species are left to repopulate and continue living.

    Yes, fish are wasted by overfishing, as the amount caught does not always reflect what is consumed, but a lot more sea life is wasted than just fish.

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    What happens in a lot of fisheries is that the fishermen target one or a few species of fish. When they catch things that they don’t want, which is a lot of the time, this is called bycatch. Bycatch is thrown back into the ocean, and most of the fish die as a result because they have often been kept out of the water for long enough periods of time for it to be fatal. Sometimes bycatch can make up what is in the net at ratios of 3:1 to 15:1 (the second number representing what is the desired seafood species).

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