Do we use too many antibiotics?



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    Due to the fact that doctors often prescribe antibiotics for everything from the common cold to the flu, yes we are probably using too many antibiotics. Antibiotics are meant to fight bacteria infections, yet are sometimes prescribed for viral infections; this leads to an antibiotic resistance. Antibiotic resistance is when antibiotics no longer work to fight off the bacteria, which often worsens the condition. Antibiotic resistance has become a global concern.

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    There are two philosophies about fighting bacteria. The traditional western medical view seems to think the body is a battle field where all bacteria must be annihilated without mercy. Then there is the other view that posits the existence of healthy bacteria in our bodies that help to keep us balanced and are important for intestinal health. So if you are on antibiotics it is important to eat probiotic foods like yogurt afterwards to restore this natural balance.

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