Do we use maple trees for anything besides making syrup?



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    Aside from the fact that maple trees can be a great source of aesthetic value, maple trees make for good sturdy wood. It is Maple wood is known for resiliency and its shock resistence and thus are used for furniture, flooring and other construction purposes. It is also supposedly a good fuel for heating homes.

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    They are used in many landscapes as ornamentals – the Norway maple is especially fast-growing and cold-resistant.  Because of their beautiful autumn foliage many countries have traditions around the changing colour of maples.  Sugar maples in Canada and in New England are well known for this, and the trees contribute to the local economies of those regions. 

    Not only is the maple used for syrup, but the wood itself is used for furniture, butcher blocks, bowling pins and cue stick shafts, and musical instruments – and sometimes it is dried and used for smoking foods. 

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