Do we use a lot of energy making plastic bottles for our water?



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    Yes.  We use a huge amount of energy to create plastic bottles.  Americans use about 250,000 bottles of water every hour, and it takes about 3.2 megajoules of energy to create one bottle.  That would be about 800,000 megajoules per hour, if no one recycled.

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    Not only do we use oil, energy, and water to manufacture plastic bottles, but we use three times more water making them than is sold! According to the Pacific Institute website, approximately 17 million barrels of oil were used in the production of all the water bottles sold in the US in 2006. Factories that manufacture the bottles put out 2.5 tons of CO2 that same year, making the environmental impact even more substantial…and this doesn’t include fuel used in transporting and packaging the bottles. Hopefully this information is enough to get people to use water fountains more often!

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