Do we use the gas taxes to help the environment at all?



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    Gas taxes make gasoline more expensive, which, in principle, results in people buying less gasoline and looking for more ways to be fuel efficient and stretch their dollar. Of course, some people have the money or the lack of fiscal responsibility to continue to buy large amounts of gasoline. So their existence is advetised as something to lessen gasoline consumption.

    But where does the money go? It depends on the state. In many states, it goes to building roads and bridges, which seems like a healthy dose of irony. In others, it may go to building other kinds of infrastructure (bike paths, light rail). But it’s generally the state’s choice.

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    Gas taxes are used in part to influence people to buy less gas. I do not believe the taxes go to directly help aid green and sustainable technologies and alternative energy sources. Instead they are put in the pool of the total budget and from there the budget is allocated to the respective places. In this economy, I doubt much of the money is going towards helping the environment 🙁

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