Do we use fog nets in America?



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    It doesn’t look like fog nets are commercially viable in the United States. FogQuest, the Canadian charity that started distributing nets to developing world communities, says on their website that the material is only produced by a few manufacturers. They buy it in Chile. It is produced in very large sizes for agricultural use, but they do not know of a commercial source in Africa, North America or Asia.

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    Fog nets, apparatus designed to “catch” fog by condensing its water content into droplets for clean drinking water, are used in many countries including Chile, the Pacific coast of Latin America, Yemen, Oman, Ethiopia, and Nepal. But according to the non-profit organization FogQuest, there are no fog-catchers available for use in the U.S. One must wonder if this will change in the future as freshwater resources become more and more scarce around the world…

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