Do we understand the consequences of deforestation yet?



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    We understand more than enough to know it’s something that should be avoided. Among the many dangers caused by deforstation:

    – It decreases soil quality, making for poorer growth of crops and plants

    – Leads to a dryer, hotter local climate, also bad for local crops

    – Removal of the trees’ roots lead to soil erosion and dangerous landslides

    – Entire communities of plants and animals that depend on the forest go extinct

    – For local people who depend on nature for their food and shelter, deforestation causes their way of life to collapse. 

    But maybe worst of all, deforestation is a major cause of climate change. Plants soak up the greenhouse gas CO2 and store it in their bodies, and because forests are a huge cluster of really big plants, they can store a LOT of carbon. By cutting them down we’re releasing all that CO2 back into the atmosphere and warming our Earth.

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    Deforestation causes erosion, which can destroy crops and increase the spread of ground/water pollution from place to place. It also decreases air quality, as there are fewer plants to filter and produce breathable air.

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    There are a lot of consequences to deforestation. Some are: cutting down entire forests, extinction of coral reefs, ozone layer holes, extinction of a lot of species, and more

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