Do we teach our children in our schools about deforestation?



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    I am sure this varies from school to school but I learned about deforestation, particularly in the rainforest, in elementary school.  We learned about some of the different species living in the rainforest, the problem with deforestation and how irresponsible companies would go in, clear cut and not make any reforestation efforts.

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    Yes and no.  They teach that it happens, but the information about it is fairly limited.  A lot of times, the public doesn’t even know the extent of deforestation that exists.  Some schools may ommit it entirely from their curriculum, and others may go more in depth. 

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    Some colleges incorporate environmental education into the general education requirements. The recognized need for this is growing, and faculty members as well as students are pushing to reform curriculums. At Wayne State University, my alma mater, there have been environmental education panels and movements, and creating a general education course is now in the works. Deforestation would likely be a topic covered in an introductory environmental awareness course.

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