Do we still ship oil all around the world in Tankers?



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    Yes, we still ship oil via Oil Tankers. Oil Tankers carry up to 2,000,000,000 metric tons of oil each year. Comparing them to other methods of transportation, they are still considered to be the most efficient method (excluding pipelines).

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    A large percentage of oil is transported by maritime transportation (tankers).  The use of waterways is a matter of convenience to get oil from one part of the world to another.  Oil is also transported by pipelines and trucks.

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    Oil is transported via tankers and will most likely stay that way. Though once docked, other forms of transportation are used such as trucks or pipelines like Alaska, International exports/imports are done using tankers, simply  because it’s an effective way to travel with such mass. When the largest tanker in the world can carry up to 318,000 tons of crude oil over the seas, I don’t see it changing.

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