Do we still have a problem with over hunting in the United States?



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    Some think so. For instance, environmentalists filed a lawsuit in Missoula in June seeking to restore protections for more than 1,300 wolves in Montana and Idaho. The lawsuit could block regulated wolf hunts slated to begin this fall and scuttle a plan to remove all the predators from part of north central Idaho.

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    The United States Fish and Wildlife Service regulate hunting on a Federal level. Each state has primary responsibility and authority over the hunting of wildlife that resides within state boundaries. State wildlife agencies that sell hunting licenses are the best source of information regarding hunting seasons, areas open/closed to hunting, etc.

    Wildlife conservation in the United States is at a level that many programs have been put in place for endangered or threatened species, therefore over hunting tends to not be a problem in the US. Hunting is used for wildlife management. For example in many states deer and bear hunting is allowed during certain months to control populations.

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