Do we still have the chance to survive and undo the damage we have caused on this planet?



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    I sure hope so! I do think that it is possible for us to turn the tide and start taking better care of the planet. I think it is a very real chance when you look at what has been done to help the planet over the years, and how it seems we are going in the right direction. It will take a lot of work, but by no means do I think the planet is beyond repair or that we are without hope. 

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      I sure hope so too! And yes I do my part not just on the physical but also on Spiritual level to help the planet and All living beings. Sometimes, however, I see that not enough is being done by the consumers, Governments and big corporations….But I sure hope we are going in the right direction…I do believe, however, that more Must be done now, not even soon, but Now. Not only on physical but primarily on the level of the Spirit and shifting of the Consciousness…Like you we must not only know it is all possible but also we must truly Be Kind to one another, to ourselves and then the Real Kindness to All Beings will follow. All will harmonize. We all Must follow Nature’s Way!

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      I totally agree, it’s not like there is a big secret to making the planet a better place. There is a lot to be done now, the time for saying that we will do things to help out in the future is behind us, it is time to live for a better future.

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