Do we send any of our pollution into Mexico through our water?



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    There is no purposeful plan to send pollution into Mexico in the water. There are many rivers that flow down into Mexico from the Southwestern US though, and anything that we pollute into those rivers flows down into Mexico. The Colorado river is one f the largest rivers that flows into Mexico and is one of the largest water sources for Nevada, Arizona, and Southern California. There is continual water testing and there are treaties in place that force the US to maintain the water to a certain level before it flows into Mexico. The biggest problem with the Colorado however, is that there is not enough water flowing in general since so much is pulled out.

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    Where the Mississipi River, which recieves a large portion of the agricultural runoff from throughout the Midwest, flows into the Gulf of Mexico there is a lage Dead Zone that has formed due to nitrogen rich waters. This impacts all coastal regions along the Gulf of Mexico, including fisheries. Since, Mexico has coastline along the Gulf, you could interpret the Dead Zone as sending pollution to Mexico through the waterways. Interesting question, indeed.

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