do we sell oil to Canada?



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    To the contrary, we import crude oil from Canada: the US purchases 1.882 million barrels a day from Canada.

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    The USA actually regularly imports oil from countries such as Canada, at varying prices. Canada, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Nigeria, Angola, and Iraq all contribute sizable amounts to the US oil supply. America also imports oil from Kuwait, Norway, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea, and Algeria

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    The US does export crude oil to Canada, but only about 45,000 barrels per day, so we are most definitely a net importer of oil from Canada. Those exports mostly go to Canadian refineries much closer to US oil fields, so it is cheaper than sending that US oil to a distant US refinery. We get it all back anyway, as imported gasoline, mostly.

    Some of the nations listed in Answer 2 – Colombia, Angola, and Iraq only supply 3% to 4% of our imports.

    The US is far and away the largest oil consumer, so we import oil from almost all the producers in the world – something like 65 to 70 diffrerent countries.

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