Do we recycle cars ever?



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    Yes, the extra metals leftover in cars (after usable parts are salvaged and resold) is often recycled and bring in lots of money due to the global demand for scrap metal. The largest car shredder in the world is located in Indiana and can crush 6 cars a minute into small pieces of metal. Its very important to recycle cars because it takes 74% less energy than producing the same amount of steel. Before they become just a useless frame, cars are reused in many ways. Parts can be salvaged from dump yards and sold at various business institutions and even online. 

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    I completely agree with the above answer. I want to add that all the salvaged parts can be refurbished or re-manufactured and resold to the public. This can be done with all motor components such as the heads and cylinders and well as the distributors and computer systems. You can also donate your used cars to public radio stations and they get the proceeds from the dismantle businesses.

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    I’ve donated a couple cars to charitable causes, such as needy children’s funds or religious organizations. These groups usually have deals worked out with certain businesses who will either fix the car for them, in spite of the cost, or give them a good price for scrap parts. You can also scrap the car yourself, which will get you a couple hundred dollars and provide some mechanic somewhere with random bits and pieces from your old junker.

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