Do we produce the most corn of any country?



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         If “we” is the U.S., then yes. The United States produces 259,273 metric tons of corn every year. That’s more than twice the amount of the second-largest corn producer, China (114,000 metric tons).

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    The US is the top corn producer in the world. Each year, 259,273 metric tons of corn is produced. China is second at 114,000 metric tons. 

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    I agree with the previous answers. Just wanted to point out the US corn harvest has increased in size 20-30% since the 2003-2004 year when those statistics date from.

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    We do produce the most corn in the world mainly because of the enormous government subsidies that are provided for corn growers.  Corn is used in practically everything we buy in the grocery store.  Corn is used in animal feed, plastics, soda (high fructose corn syrup and ascorbic acid), chips, cosmetics, and gum among many other products.  Here’s an extensive list of what corn can be used for. 

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