Do we over fish every species of fish that we eat?



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    An estimated 60-70% of fisheries are overfished, so no, not EVERY kind is overfished but that’s a pretty high percentage.

    In 2006, a marine ecologist from Canada named Boris Worm predicted that global commercial fisheries would be depleted by 2048.  This number has since changed as nations have begun to pay attention to their fishing practices and improving sustainable fishing, but it shows how dire the situation has been, and could still be.

    Consumers have the most power.  If there is less demand for the overfished species, the supply will decrease to match it.  The best way to know what to eat is to download a pocket guide.  Many websites have them, including Monterey Bay Aquarium (, NOAA (, ( and many others.  It is important that the card is up-to-date and, if possible, specific to the region where you live.  Sometimes the cards are made for consumers from the South versus the Northeast, etc.  Also, when you’re at restaurants, it doesn’t hurt to ask.  In fact, if enough people ask where the fish is from, maybe the restaurants that don’t pay attention will start to take note.

    For a really detailed report on the state of world fisheries, download this report:

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