Do we over fish any shell fish species right now?



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    There have been concerns about lobsters being overfished, especially in the state of Maine.  The shrimp industry is also raising concerns worldwide:  Overfishing is depleting populations of shellfish, but the main threat to shellfish, especially larval oysters, is rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere that dissolves in ocean water and raises the acidity.  These chemical changes to the water interfere with growth.

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    Oysters are one of the most overfished species of shellfish.  The Chesapeake Bay, famous for its seafood and oysters, contains about 1% of the oyster population it used to have.  Global oyster reef loss totals at 85%.  Also in the Chesapeake Bay, the supply of the famous King Crab (Maryland crabcakes, anyone?) has become dangerously low.  About 75% of the adult population is removed every year.  The name “Chesapeake” actually means great shellfish bay, but considering the rate at which we are overfishing its shellfish stock, its meaning has become sadly ironic.

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