Do we need to save the earth or save the humans?



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    I believe that we are working on saving the humans and the current ecosystem. Ultimately, the earth is gonna be here pretty much no matter what we do to it and some kind of life forms will survive.

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    We can’t save the earth without saving the humans. Progress is slow and continuous in both attempts; and I believe both deserve an equal amount of attention. Humans have not been around nearly as long as the earth, and have done most of the damage to the ecosystem in the last few hundred years, so a lot of attention needs to be directed toward changing humanistic behaviors; on the other hand, so much attention needs to be focused on healing the planet because so much damage has been done already. In essence, we can’t save one without saving the other.

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    The earth will be fine. However, humans and many of the species on earth will not be. When humans cease to exist, the earth will recover, create new species, and formulate entirely new types of vegetation and life. 

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