Do we need coal for our economy to be healthy?



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    No. Clean energy will produce a new job market and new incomes. New energy sources will make nations energy independent of each other. Coal is a remedial old resource that has more cons than pros.

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    “No” is a nicely optimistic answer, but it ignores the costs associated with other energy sources that will most definitely affect primary expenses from transportation to home heating. As just one example, wind turbines require significant quantities of rare-earth elements like neodymium, essentially all of which is produced today (2010) by China, and the US is 100% import dependent on it. Other things make wind turbines less efficient and therefore more expensive. That’s just one of dozens of examples. In the long term (multiple decades and longer), coal will have to be replaced. Cheap energy sources like oil and coal MUST be replaced. But that replacement comes at a cost, and there can be little question that there will be economic impacts, many of them negative (i.e., more expensive) at least during any transition period (which could itself be many decades).

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