Do we need to make charging stations for plug in hybrids?



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    Hybrids are cars that use a combination of gas and electricity, and they can charge themselves. While the car is using gas, the battery is charging. (This is the same for regular cars, the motor charges the battery when it is using fuel. Think about when you left the lights on in your car and the battery died. When you jump start it, you let it run for a while so that the running motor can recharge the battery). So, HYBRID cars as they are used today (like the Prius) don’t need charging stations. If we were to have fully electric cars on the road making long trips, THEN we would need to have some kind of “charging station” for them along the way. Current electric cars can go 70-100 miles before they need to be charged, so they can usually be charged at home at night, but if a car were going to go on a road trip or something, the driver would need to find another place to plug in and charge.

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