Do we need GM food to supply food for everyone?



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    That we need genetically modified (GM) foods to feed the world’s hungry is a myth. GM foods are often less nutritious than organic alternatives–just because an apple is larger doesn’t mean it’s better for you. Not only this, but encouraging developing nations to use GM seeds may actually make it harder for them to feed themselves, as many of these seeds do not reproduce and therefore must be purchased every year. GM crops often require more pesticides than non-GM varieties, which makes them harder on the land and more expensive to grow. The FDA does not rigorously test GM foods, and there is no long-term testing required to determine their affect on human health before they hit the market. There is already enough food to feed everyone in the world, and more, but because many people don’t have money to buy it or else inadequate transportation systems to get food to them, we see thousands die of starvation each and every day.

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    That’s a hard question to answer. If nothing else, it can be said that it’s easier to keep a food supply for everyone with genetically modified crops. GM foods are more resistant to pests, herbicides, disease, cold, and droughts and can contain more nutrients that regular crops. All of those mean that crops are less likely to be lost due to weather or other problems, and that sometimes the genetically altered crops might be better to eat.

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