Do we need to change our plans of protecting the Tiger to save it?



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    I definitely think both China and India need to change their policy on tigers if there is any hope in saving them for the future. It’s difficult because the United States does not have jurisdiction over these countries’ actions, and adding on to that, saving tigers isn’t exactly at the top of the agenda in Washington. With that said however, both China and India have been doing their part to try and stop the illegal poaching and killing of the species. China‚Äôs State Forestry Administration has issued a directive calling for the protection of tigers, especially the need to step up action against illegal trade in tiger parts and products. The order has called for improved protection of tigers and their prey in the wild. It has also mandated a crackdown on illegal smuggling and trade of tiger parts and products. The order has specifically asked local forestry bureaus to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies to increase monitoring and undertake enforcement measures against tiger trade.

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