Do we need to be more creative with the way we design buildings if we are going to make sustainability a reality instead of a dream?



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    Design is part of it, but what the occupants of the do is important too. Is a 2,500 square foot home with green designs really efficient? Making sure to recycle or reuse products is important, as well as sparing as much waste as possible. Composting instead of a garbage disposal or throwing away food waste will even allow for a more efficient grey water system. We not only need to come up with more creative ways to design, but more creative ways to live within these spaces.

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    The challenge in making green living a reality is not creativity, but rather showing people that, not only is it now a reality, it is also more cost-effective.  This isn’t to say that the practice shouldn’t continue to evolve, but there could be more green houses and communities if home-buyers and builders understood that things like self-finished materials and sustainable materials pay for themselves over time.  While you might pay more up front, if you are saving on energy bills and home repairs, you will make up your initial loss over time.


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