Do we monitor deforestation from space?



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    Yes.  Google, the organization Group on Earth Observations (GEO), and worldwide space agencies are working together to monitor deforestation from space.  Google, which has used satellite imaging for its Google Earth program, is the provider of the satellite imagery.  80 governments and 50 organizations, which are members of GEO, are participating in this endeavor. is involved in a created by Carnegie Institute‚Äôs Department of Global Ecology called CLASlite.  The software can quickly identify areas of deforestation and provide high-resolution, detailed images.  The Institute has trained 240 people in the Andes-Amazon and in 2010 will expand its training programs to teach users to use the software.

    The Carnegie Institute and are working together to create CLASlite Online, so that people can monitor forests from their home computers.  It will be a non-profit service provided by

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