Do we make it too hard for green policies to get passed?



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    The process for getting green policies and litigation passes is the same as for getting non-green policies passed. The difficulties are set up so that there has to be a consensus on the policy, for better or for worse. Unfortunately, there are just as many vested interests in maintaining the status-quo and resisting green technologies as there are for promoting them. It is not necessarily the process that makes it hard, but the fact that there are always people who do not want them passed.

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    I don’t personally think so- ultimately the legislature is a reasonably effective branch of government- but you can make a strong argument that we do. Dictatorships and other forms of authoritarian states have much easier times creating legislation and are ultimately much more efficient for it due to the nature of their government’s model. If we were, hypothetically, a dictatorship environmental laws would already be passed, though we’d instead have rampant human rights issues.

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