Do we log old growth forests in the United States?



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    Yes. The U.S. Forest Service planned to log old-growth forests north of Grand Canyon, but the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity halted this plan.

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    Yes, old growth forest logging still occurs. Approximately 94 percent of the old growth forests in the United States have been cut down.

    On July 11, 2004, George W. Bush opened 58 million acres of federally owned wilderness to logging, road-building, energy development, and other projects. The Obama Administration has addressed this policy and has placed limits on old growth logging in Oregon. The policy “would have allowed timber companies to cut up to 502 million board-feet of lumber annually from 2.6 million acres of forests.”

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    Logging in old-growth forests is still a concern in the U.S. The Bush administration wanted to double the amount of old-growth logging in the Rogue River area of western Oregon. Under the Obama administration, the Dept. of the Interior recently repealed that plan.

    Logging is still allowed in the Oregon old-growth forest, however, on the order of 200-250 million board-feet of lumber per year. Destruction of old-growth forests is a problem because they are very mature, diverse ecosystems – but the local economy depends on logging, and unemployment in this area of Oregon is currently over 17% due to the loss of timber jobs.

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    Yes, there are tons of old growths forest being cut down at an alarming rate. One specific area is in Louisiana, where loggers are illegally cutting down old growth cypress trees and making them into garden mulch. These trees are the best natural defense for hurricanes and provide habitat to many local species and many migratory species coming from the south. The reason why it is such a huge industry in Louisiana and other gulf states it because companies like Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s are buying the mulch! To stop the loggers we need to show these companies the destruction and damage it is doing to our environment and safety.

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