Do we know where the oceans will rise the most as the ice melts?



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    I think that the first place the ocean would rise the most based off the location which the ice is melting kind of like a jar no were until it over fills and it starts to travel sorry if i couldnt exsplain better but i think its a cause and effect situation.Hard to tell wich way water will run.

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    Scientists have predicted that the oceans will rise the most in low-lying areas on the eastern coast of North America, particularly in the Chesapeake Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. One reason this will happen is due to the fact that when water melts from Greenland’s ice cap, it will dilute the flow of water in the Gulf Stream. This dilution would hinder the warm water’s natural tendency to sink in order to flow along the coast of Europe, meaning that the water to pile up along the Gulf Stream and spill out into the eastern U.S. Because this water is spilling into North America, the sea rises created by global warming will have less of an impact on Europe. Also, when ice melts in the western Antarctic, that water will shift to areas in the Northern Hemisphere where there is a greater amount of gravitational pull.

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