Do we know what has caused the colony collapse disorder?



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    No one theory has been confirmed, but some common ones are pests, pesticide-carrying plants, and even cell phone radiation.

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    The short answer is no, we do not yet fully understand the cause–or causes–of CCD. However, research over the past few years has found a number of plausible causes that fit the data:

    -Biotic factors, such as the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (this virus was found in 25 of 30 studied colonies that had experienced CCD and only 1 of 21 studied non-CCD colonies)

    -Malnutrition (one study argues that all reported cases of CCD have been preceded by periods of drought and nutritional stress)

    -Pesticides, particularly nicotine-based pesticides (scientists found that these pesticides–toxic to bees–tended to adhere to pollen; as such, one bee could collect toxic pollen, bring it back to the colony, and thus poison a great deal of the colony)

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