Do we know what causes asthma?



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    Not exactly. It’s believed to be a number of things including family history, respiratory infections during childhood, and environmental pollution. Even things like physical stress, emotional stress, and certain medications can trigger it.

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    We do not know exactly what causes asthma, but research indicates that it is most likely a combination of factors that work together. They think that some factors that probably play a role are: a genetic tendency to develop allergies, parents that have asthma, if the patient had respiratory infections or problems while a child, exposure to airborne allergens or viral infections early in life when the immune system is young and still developing. Certain factors may be likely to cause the development in asthma in different people. There is one hypothesis, the “Hygiene Hypothesis,” that states that it is due to Western society’s beliefs about cleanliness and hygiene. Our lifestyle has led to children being exposed to fewer infections, causing them to not develop immunity against them and to actually be at an increased risk for asthma.

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