Do we have too much cars in the world at the moment?



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    This question merits a subjective answer, but it is very easy to argue yes.  Currently nearly every vehicle on the road is outfit to run on gasoline. Many households have upwards to 4 or 5 cars, especially in America. There are 250 million registered vehicles in the US alone. There are also many more non-running and non-registered vehicles as well. It is inevitable that the world will eventually hit a limit where there either is no more oil, or it is too expensive to extract in order to make a profit. This time has been termed peak oil. It has become clear that humans are going to prolong peak oil as long as possible, but regardless, it is unavoidable. At that point in time, any of these hundreds of millions of vehicles that has not been modified to run on an alternate fuel source, like electricity whatever renewable fuel source humans hopefully invent by that time, will be rendered useless.  

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    It is a tough question to answer, but what we can say for sure is that there are too many inefficient cars in the world.  It is not practical to completely eliminate, ban, or heavily tax cars. The solution is to create more efficient cars, and understand their place in the global warming fight. Cars are easy targets for eco-friendly people to attack.  While there may not be too many cars, we can always find ways to make them more efficient, and use them less. 


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