Do we have too many trucks and cars on the road?



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    Some argue that as Americans, we do have too many larger vehicles on the road compared to our European or Asian counterparts. Since their size requires more fuel, the argument is that Americans emit too much emission waste.

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    I think it’s just a flat out YES(!)>  Consider how many PEOPLE are in the cars and trucks that are on the road (for a moment—how many people are riding in cars and trucks at this moment? Consider it and estimate a ballpark number) and then compare that figure to the number of SEATS in those cars that the people are driving. How many empty seats are there that could be filled at little or no environmental cost!!!!?

    Too many times in traffic I am sitting there and seeing one car after another with one person in it and 4 open seats —- just imagine if 4 drivers of other cars could hop in and catch a free ride…  WE WASTE SOO MUCH!!! it’s truly disgusting, there’s no other word for it… and this is why we need to adopt change and do everything we can to arrange carpools if possible. (why is it a crime to pickup a hitchhiker!?)  

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