Do we have the solutions to change the climate already?



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    We are changing the climate. The solutions we seek are to STOP changing the climate. Yes, we “have the tools” in that we have a good idea what we are doing to change the climate. We have to stop burning things. Stop using combustibles to drive and produce energy. We also need to stop using CFCs and coolants that deplete the ozone layer.

    We don’t have the solution that lets us keep going as we are and not change the climate. We have to be willing to change.

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    We have…ideas for solutions. The sad part is, nothing can truly be considered a “solution” until it begins to actually resolve the damage we’ve done, which is in some cases irreversible.

    Ideas such as solar panels on Earth’s surface or on satellites to deflect sun light, keeping CO2 in the ocean or underground, “ocean fertilization,” which is spreading iron through the seas of the world to boost the amount of phytoplankton and in turn, the higher amount of photosynthesis absorbs more CO2.

    Research is underway for a variety of radical new methods, some work, some do not. But all are currently in a state of development, with new theories proposed.

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