Do we have the resources on Earth to colonize other planets?



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    Currently, no. Although it is believed that the air on Mars is similar enough to the air on Earth and that there is evidence of water on the planet, it is still not a plausible option, as the land is not sustainable for humans. Many experts advocate further space exploration and research, particularly on Mars and the Moon, for future colonization; however, there are also many who are against it and believe that colonization on other planets is not only unnatural, but will also pose hazards to the solar system over time.

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    We may not have the resources, but that doesn’t mean we won’t in years to come. Technology and innovation knows no limits.  However, what we definitely don’t have right now is the monetary resources.  NASA’s budget was recently cut again, and they continue to lose funding at people have become disenchanted with space travel.  I would right now money is what is stopping us from making the biggest strides.

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