Do we have the resources available to never build a new coal plant in America?



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    I suspect this depends largely on future population growth or decline in the US as well as the ability and will to implement greener alternatives. One impedement is the coal industry’s political clout. Think of the power they hold in a state such as West Virginia, for example. They may not go down quietly, even if their product is no longer popular. There has to be a level playing field to allow the best sources of energy to win out instead of the most politically favored. If a state such as New Jersey, which is not the sunniest around, can become the second leading state in terms of solar power production, then there is hope that most, if not all, other states can use cleaner energy, in my opinion.


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    America depends heavily on coal for electricity and, for example, if America decides to really push for Electric Vehicles, then coal plants will continue to be needed, since EVs require coal and natural gas.

    As seen in the chart in the link below, coal accounts for nearly half of America’s power generated so unless alternate sources of energy become as accessible as coal, coal plants will continue to be needed.

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