Do we have the most strict laws about animal cruelty?



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    If by “we” you mean the United States, no. The European Union has many laws on the books regarding animal cruelty, the violation of which can result in jail time–it’s exceedingly rare for someone to actually go to jail in the US for animal cruelty. The “strictness” of animal cruelty laws depends largely on the breadth of the jurisdiction making and enforcing them. Because animal cruelty is governed generally by police power, as most local matters are, in the US they’re almost always a state concern, so they can vary greatly depending on which state you’re dealing with. The EU has more centralized control over these sorts of matters which is why their legal schemes differ. Also, animals in other parts of the world are not viewed as property like they are in the United States, so from a cultural standpoint their laws are different than American laws.

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