Do we have the most complex sewage system in the world?



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    Actually, the sewage system of London can probably be credited as ‘most complex,’ and certainly the most beneficial, where the number of affected individuals is concerned. London used a system of cesspits to dispose of human waste up until the mid-19th century. At this time, the smell was overwhelming the city (especially in the summer), and doctors were seeing a rise in cholera epidemics. Joseph Bazalgette, a chief engineer for the city, devised a plan. First, six sewers (three on each side of the Thames River) were constructed to intercept waste from all over the city. From the interceptor, waste traveled to a pumping station, where it was raised and carried via gravitational pull to its final stop, a waste treatment facility. Sewage was stored at the treatment plant until high tide, then deposited into the Mighty Thames. Bazalgette is credited by most as the founder of the modern sewage system. 

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