Do we have a large enough plug in hybrid infrastructure to support as many vehicles as we can buy right now?



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    Yes, there is enough hybrid infrastructure to support as many hybrids as we want at this point.  Most hybrid cars are elctric hybrids, so either they charge themselves while moving, or they need to be plugged in to charge.  Most people plug in their cars at home in order to charge, and drive until the electricity is out, then run on gasoline.  There aren’t that many places on the road to plug in your hybrid vehicle, but some businesses are starting to put in car ports where they can do just that.  As far as full electric vehicles go, chances are they will need to be taken on short trips for now because our infrastructure isn’t big enough to support them, but many cities are putting in plug in stations, so I think that soon we will be ready for a huge electric car market.

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