Do we have Genetically Modified beef?



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    Sort of….in a way.  Our beef is full of food that has been grown with fertilizer, and drenched in pesticides. Then the cows themselves have been given antibiotics because factory conditions are so bad. And they are also given hormones to keep them growing.  

    Its kind of like eating a chemical cocktail. 

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    The short answer to this question is no. As of today there are not any genetically engineered cattle in the food supply of the United States or any country, although it is possible there will be in the future.

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    A company called CSIRO has been performing research on cattle genetics for ten years, developing DNA markers for beef quality.  Samples of DNA taken from hair roots can determine the tenderness or toughness of beef a given animal will yield.  Research into the cow genome may lead to cloned cows.

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