Do we have enough food currently to feed everyone on the planet?



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    To answer this question thoroughly would require much more space than is available here so a suscint answer would be: yes. While we do have enough food to feed everyone on the planet the reason that so many people go hungry in the world is due to inability to access that food or lack of funds to purchase it.  For instance, someone may have access to a food crop but rather than being able to eat that food they are forced to sell it to other people, towns, or countries to make money and thus can’t actually eat the food they are growing.

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    And then some, a third of the world’s food spoils every year. This equates to 1.3 billion metric tonnes. Consumers in wealthy nations contribute to 222 million metric tonnes of this spoilage, almost as much as the net food production in Sub-Saharan Africa. Improper handling of food seems to contribute to much of the food losses in developing nations. 925 million people are hungry and every year almost 11 million children die due to malnutrition. 

    Due to finite availability of natural resources it would be a surer step to learn behaviors which minimize food waste instead of making attempts to produce more crops.

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