Do we have enough bike lanes in this country?



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    No!!! We’re dramatically low on bike lanes.  Bike lanes keep bicyclists safer, which means more bicyclists, which means fewer cars on the road, which means less fossil fuels burned, which means a healthier environment and a reduced need for foreign oil.  Every road should have a bike lane on it.

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    Definitely not.  A lack of bike lanes in many areas leads to less bikers and thus more automobile emissions.  An increased amount of bike lanes as well as bicycle safety laws would in theory lead to an increased number of bikers, and thus a lesser amount of pollution emitted by automobile transportation.

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    No. And it’s not just that. There’s also a lack of motivation to get more passed or more respect for bikers by drivers. If you want more bike lanes, get active in your local community, get together with friends who like to bike and start talking with local officials about what needs to be done to get more bike lanes where you live. 

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