Do we have to dig to get geothermal power?



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    Yes, in order to get geothermal power digging has to be done.  Geothermal power uses the natural heat of the earth in order to produce electricity, and this requires some sort of apparatus to be inserted into the ground.  We need a way to harness the heat/steam from the earth, but the environmental effects are not as bad as mining for fossil fuels because we aren’t tearing up large portions of earth and minerals from beneath, we are just digging a hole in order to harness the energy.

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    Well, there are two distinctions when it comes to geothermal energy. With digging and installing geothermal loops in one’s backyard, one is using the power of the earth’s crust to absorb heat year-round to heat water. An example of the earth’s actual geothermal energy (the heat from the core) is a geyser.

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