Do we have detailed maps of the rainforests of the world?



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    We may have detailed maps of some regions of the rainforest, but there are a lot of unexplored regions. So technically, the answer is no we do not have detailed maps of all the rainforests of the world. Here are some quotes about unexplored, hence unmapped rainforests.

    “Although little known, [Guyana] is nonetheless a wonderful country, blessed with unspoiled natural beauty and great rivers, waterfalls and unexplored rainforest.” 

    “The discovery of 7,000 hectares of virgin rainforest in northern Mozambique has caused huge excitement in the scientific community. It’s extremely rare in this day and age to make such discoveries, especially in Africa, and to be the first biologist to enter such a huge area of untouched rainforest – well, it’s a dream come true for a field-based conservationist such as myself, and to be the one who discovered it is incredible.”

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