Do we have buffalo farms for meat in America?



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    Buffalo meat is lower in cholesterol and calories, with higher iron and protein content than beef.  There are several buffalo farms that raise the buffalo for meat.  Beech Hill Farms and Bison Ranch in New England, Sunset Ridge Buffalo Farm in North Carolina, and Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co. in Wyoming are three such farms.  All three offer tours and merchandise, but they also sell buffalo cuts to the general public.   

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    (There’s a buffalo farm in Long Island that I used to live near by. I only heard of it because of my friends that wanted to collect psychadellic mushrooms that grow on buffalo dung. )

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    There sure are. A 2007 Dept of Agriculture census found that there are 200,000 bison on about 4,500 private ranches in America. In 2009, 70,000 bison were slaughtered and inspected for meat sale. USDA rules actually forbid bison ranchers from using growth hormones or antibiotics unless the animal is sick, so that’s a nice plus for bison meat.

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    Ted Turner has 14 ranches in seven states where he raises bison equating to about 50,000 head of bison. One interesting fact about buffalo is that it is illegal to inject them with any hormones unlike cattle. 

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