Do we have any dinosaur tracks in America?



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    There are actually many.  Below I’ve posted a link with notes and pictures from a trip taken by students and faculty from Bucknell University.  I believe they were in Arizona when they went on a tour that showed them dinosaur tracks.

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    We sure do! In Colorado, we have an amazing place called Dinosaur Ridge, which is located Southwest of the Metro Area near the Red Rocks Ampitheater. The area used to be a muddy swampland when the dinosaurs roamed around, and the prints are hardened into the side of the road due to the uplift that occured when the Rocky Mountains were formed. People today use this area for recreational purposes- jogging, walking, and riding bikes. The area is preserved with fences and is maintained by the park services. If you live in Colorado or are ever in the vicinity, check out this amazing, free site!

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