Do we feel any affects of sun spots?



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    Sunspots can affect the earth’s climate because the earth receives most of its radiation from sun from sun spots. There is a correlation of temperature increase when sun spots are more prevalent and a temperature decrease when sun spots decrease. Supposedly, during the Little Ice Age, the sun spots were at a minimum, which caused global temperatures to drop. This suggests that sun spots play a large role in the temperature of the earth can affect climates on a global scale.

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    Yes, sun spots affect the amount of ultraviolet radiation put out by the sun, which can affect Earth’s temperature. Scientists have demonstrated that an unusually low number of sun spots in 1645-1715 coincided with severe cold temperatures in Europe. It’s unknown how much of an impact sunspots are having on Earth’s climate now. In fact, at the moment, sunspot activity is actually slowing, and that would probably have the impact of lowering Earth’s temperature, not raising it as we are observing happening now with global warming.

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