Do we ever really clean up an oil spill?



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    There are ways that we can and do actually clean up oil spills, however none of them will ever completely be able to reverse all of the damage they cause.  One way is to contain the spill with brooms and scubbers by skimming the oil off of the surface.  Once the oil is gathered it can be sucked or scooped into a disposal container.  This method is not as effective during high wind or high tides.  Dispersants can also be used to break up the oil and speed up the biodegredation process.  These help the water and oil to mix together and is not a good idea for every type of spill.  These also have to be used very soon after the spill or they will be ineffective.  Lastly, biological agents can be added to the spill which will also speed up the biodegredation process.

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