Do we trade energy across international borders?



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    Oil is traded constantly between countries as well as coal. It would be inefficient to try to send energy that one country produces say from coal plants of nuclear plants, and transfer it over to another country, conceivably far away. A lot of energy gets lost due to heat when it is being transfered from plants to homes and buildings. Oil and coal are the two biggest sources of energy on earth and are traded and transported thousands of miles daily in order to provide someone with energy.

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    The US also imports about 12% or so of its natural gas, mostly from Canada but also some from Mexico, Egypt, Nigeria, and elsewhere. There are huge amounts of natural gas transmitted from the big fields of the West Siberian Basin (Russia) to western and eastern Europe.

    The US imports a tiny amount of electricity from Canada, tiny because, as the other answer notes, there are losses in transmitting electricity long distances.

    The US is presently a small net exporter of coal, but as the other answer indicates, large amounts of coal are shipped all over, with Australia, Indonesia, and South Africa among the largest coal exporters.

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