Do wasps pollinate flowers the same way that bees do?



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    Wasps are not covered with fuzzy hairs like honey bees are. As a result, while they do pollinate flowers the same way that bees do (i.e. moving pollen from flower to flower), they are much less efficient pollinators (because pollen is less likely to stick to their bodies). An important difference between wasps and bees is that wasps are predators more than pollinators. They feed more often on insects and anthropods than on nectar or pollen (their bodies are sleeker and more streamlined for hunting).

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    Yes, wasps and bees are very similar and wasps do pollinate in the same manner as bees.  They are less efficient at it though, due to their lack of fuzzy hair to catch the pollen.  Wasps tend to specialize their pollination on different plant varieties, including the fig and some Australian orchards.

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