Do wasps pollinate flowers like bees do?



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    Yes! Despite common misconception, wasps indeed use their hairy bodies to pollinate flowers and plants! Wasps seem not to be hairy, especially when compared to bees. When you look at a bee, you can tell that they are extremely hairy and it makes sense that they take pollen from flower to flower. However, wasps just have very thin, transparent hairs on their bodies. The fact remains that wasps, despite the fact that they’re more feared and less loved than bees, are an integral defense against crop-eating insects and they help cross-pollinate crops!

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    Wasps often provoke fear in many people but wasps are very beneficial to humans. They prey on many pest insects for food or to lay their larvae in. By preying on these insects they help control the pest insects population.  There are about 30,000 different species of wasps.

    You can tell a difference between wasps and bees because the wasps lower abdominal is more narrow at the waist, that area is called the petiole. The petiole is what connects abdomen and the thorax. Wasps are omnivores and can grow up to 1.5 inches.

    Wasps are like hornets in a way where they are both more useful for their ability to control pest insects than for pollination. Yet still, the answer to your question is yes, wasps do help with pollinating. The Masarine Wasps are also know as Pollen Wasps. They are herbivores and only feed on nectar and pollen. There are even herbivore wasps who only pollinate fig trees.In fact, fig trees are only pollinated by wasps. Pollen Wasps can be found all over the world but they prefer warm, tropical conditions.

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